Points for Attention in Purchasing Outdoor Solar Spotlight
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    Introduction: Nowadays, when we buy outdoor lights, we will consider buying outdoor solar floodlights. One is to save electricity and the other is durable. However, there are also areas to be aware of when purchasing outdoor solar floodlights.

    The energy of the photovoltaic system comes from sunshine, and the outdoor solar floodlights are the same. The sun shines on the earth year after year, day after day, according to certain laws. In general, solar radiation changes with the seasons, with the highest in summer and the lowest in winter.

    However, weather conditions have changes in sunny, rainy and foggy, so the available energy provided by sunshine varies with time and climate. Solar radiation values vary from place to place, even at different times in the same region.

    Since home solar photovoltaic power systems are used in a decentralized manner, accurate meteorological data is often not available or necessary for specific installation locations. Therefore, usually for a large area of use, the radiation situation of the calendar year is used as the basis for design.

    It should be pointed out that the solar radiation in a year is changing. The radiation value of the worst month of the year cannot be used. Otherwise, the designed system is bound to be too large, resulting in waste of cost. It is also impossible to use the best time of sunshine. To consider the balance between supply and demand of the system, such a system will be small, and as a result, the system will not meet the electricity demand for a long time.

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