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Shenzhen Longxing Industrial Co., Ltd. strictly controls the whole process according to the ISO9001:2015 quality system, and carries out strict quality control and control in all aspects such as design, purchase, manufacture, inspection, packaging, installation and commissioning, and after-sales service. Our company adopts advanced technology, high-quality raw materials and components, first-class technology and strict quality management to provide users with advanced technology, quality, appearance, and fully comply with the quality, specification and performance requirements of the contract products.

We guarantees that the equipment, including the main equipment and components, can achieve the specified performance and life under proper installation, normal operation and maintenance. Our company designs large and medium scale integrated circuits and programmable integrated circuits to overcome the instability brought by too many small scale integrated circuits and ensure the reliability of the system. The key raw materials are imported, and the supplier has passed the international quality system certification and through international or domestic security certification. The company has a good relationship with the supplier and has a stable supply channel. With rich experience in engineering construction and commissioning, we have a team of high level and powerful management, R & D, production and engineering.

After-sales service:
Shenzhen Longxing Industrial Co., Ltd. is a long-term high-tech company dedicated to the promotion and application of solar photovoltaic power. The company attaches great importance to customer service, and regards customer service as the life of the company, and resolutely works well with customer service. To do a good job of customer service, the company is equipped with the corresponding business professional service team, establish a perfect and efficient customer service. 

Sservice system: we will according to the actual situation of the project and user requirements, to provide quality and efficient comprehensive service for customers. In order to achieve the above goals, we have established a fast and responsive after-sales service system, formulated effective technical service strategies for specific customers, and worked hard to meet customer's after-sales service needs.
We regard   "service in place and customer satisfaction" as the yardstick of measuring work. All work is carried out around customer satisfaction. We constantly find deficiencies in our work, and we need to make corrections and improvements in time. The company's service system is centered on customers, and strive to ensure "zero delay" response of services. The goal of the company is to build a trusted business, ensuring the customer's problem handling rate is 100%, and customer satisfaction is 98%. The company has established a perfect after-sales service system, so that the whole service is controlled in an orderly way.

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