LED lamp for solar courtyard lamp
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Guide: Now most outdoor solar lamps are LED lamps. Why do we all use LED lights? This requires us to understand what LED lights are.

    IED (Light-emitting Diode) is widely used in electronic technology, such as signal indication and digital display, with its extremely low power consumption and exceptional service life. The successful development of ultra-bright LED lamps has enabled it to rapidly expand its application fields and applications. It can be asserted that with the development of technology, it is an irresistible trend to replace traditional lighting with semiconductor lighting, which is expected to lead to revolutionary changes in lighting sources. LED lamps with high electronic control, pure light color, high light efficiency, low heat, good durability, long service life and pollution-free, stroboscopic and other significant advantages have been highly concerned by the industry, is undoubtedly the true meaning of " Green lighting."

    The home solar photovoltaic power system has advantages such as good environmental protection and long service life, but the high power generation cost is its disadvantage. Therefore, the lighting load associated with it requires high luminous efficiency, good durability, high reliability and long service life. .

    Therefore, the LED lighting fixture is the most suitable type of product under the current technical conditions. In recent years, the use of LED luminaires, especially ultra-bright white LED lighting fixtures and household solar photovoltaic power systems, has been gradually expanded. The development and production of LED luminaires for home solar photovoltaic power systems has developed rapidly. The development of illuminated light-emitting chips is still largely blank in China.

    At present, domestic enterprises have engaged in the research and development and production of high-power (1W or more, equivalent to incandescent lamps of 15W or more). Nuusolar provides outdoor solar led lights.

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