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    Introduction: When purchasing solar energy products such as outdoor solar lamps and photovoltaic power generation systems, there are many manufacturers of solar lamps. I believe many people will be confused. I don’t know what is good. For solar products, solar modules and batteries are the most important parts.

    For the design of photovoltaic power generation systems, the capacity of the system must first be calculated and determined. The capacity of the DC system is determined by two parameters: the solar cell module and the battery.

    For AC systems, the inverter must also be considered. These parameters are interrelated, interdependent, and relatively independent. Among them, the solar cell module determines the possible power generation capacity of the system. The capacity of the inverter is determined according to the total power of the load and the type of load. The capacity of the battery is determined by the daily charge and discharge amount and the number of self-sufficient days to be guaranteed, and the maximum allowable discharge depth. The basic idea of determining the capacity design is to maintain the balance between the supply and demand of the system, that is, the amount of electricity generated by the system is basically the same as the user's electricity demand.

    If the power generation is lower than the power consumption, the user's demand cannot be met, and the battery will work in the deep discharge state for a long time, which will accelerate its aging and scrap. If the power generation is greater than the power consumption, of course, the system can meet the user's power demand, and the power supply guarantee rate is high. Even when the user increases the power consumption, the system does not feel insufficient power supply.

    However, due to the high cost of solar power generation, the system is very uneconomical. The power generated under ideal conditions just meets the user's needs, but it is difficult to do in practice. This is because the home solar photovoltaic power system is decentralized, each user's electricity demand is different, and the system is used in different regions, and the power generation is different. Despite this, designers must try to find out the rules and design products that meet the power requirements of most users under most conditions of use. The following design principles are generally followed in capacity design:

    1 Household solar photovoltaic power system should be specially designed according to the requirements of the load and the meteorological and geographical conditions of the place of sale;

    2 To be both reliable and economical, minimize the capacity of solar cells and batteries while fully meeting user requirements.

    3 Avoid unilaterally pursuing high reliability or economy and arbitrarily increasing or decreasing the capacity of solar cells and batteries.

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