Pay attention to the selection of controller and inverter when purchasing domestic solar photovoltaic system
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Introduction: There are many places to pay attention when purchasing a home solar photovoltaic system, especially the selection of controllers and inverters. This will be related to the actual role of home solar photovoltaic systems.

(1) The controller determines the type of controller according to the system power, voltage, and user's special requirements. The home solar photovoltaic power system adopts a single pulse width modulation controller; and the high power solar photovoltaic power station uses a multi-channel controller; In the communication and other industrial fields, solar photovoltaic systems use intelligent controllers with communication functions. For controllers in domestic solar photovoltaic power systems, they are generally made into an operation panel. When selecting, you should pay attention to:

1 The selected controller should match the system voltage, and the controller should be able to withstand 1.5~2 times the rated DC voltage of the system;

2 Select the maximum current of the controller through the capability controller. The input circuit should be able to withstand 1.2~1.3 times the maximum charging current of the battery pack. The output circuit should be able to withstand the system's maximum load current of 1.3~1.5 times.

(2) Inverter inverters are divided into three types: sine wave, quasi-sine wave and square wave. Generally, square wave inverters and quasi-sinusoidal inverters are mostly used for 1 kW or less. For high power systems, sine wave inverters are often used to determine the type and performance of the inverter when calculating the inverter. In solar home systems, the commonly used inverter types are square wave and sine wave. Generally speaking, the performance of sine wave is better than square wave. Square wave inverters are often used in previous systems, but as sine wave inverters continue to cut prices, more and more sine wave inverters are used in solar home power systems. For the inverters used in home solar photovoltaic power systems, the following points should be noted when selecting

1 The selected inverter should match the system voltage, and the voltage input range of the inverter should be greater than the overcharge voltage of the battery;

2 The selected controller has strong overload resistance and can carry 2~1.5 times load operation greater than its rated power in a short time;

3 The conversion efficiency of the selected inverter is high, it should be greater than 85%, and the change of the fashion change efficiency in the load change is not large;

4 Select inverters with different waveforms as needed.

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