Manufacturer: Different Inverters for Household Solar Power Generation System
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Introduction: There are many types of inverters that can be used in home solar power systems. Different inverters are used to cope with domestic solar power systems in different usage scenarios. Inverters can be divided into many categories, different from different domestic solar manufacturers. Let's see which one is suitable for your home solar power system.

Types of Inverters There are many types of inverters, which can be classified according to different methods. For example, according to the number of phases of the inverter output AC voltage, it can be divided into single-phase inverters, three-phase inverters, and multi-phase inverters. According to the type of switching device used by the inverter, it can be divided into a transistor inverter, a thyristor inverter and a turn-off thyristor inverter; according to the principle of the inverter circuit, it can also be divided into a oscillating type inverter, a step wave superimposing type inverter, a pulse width modulation (PWM) type inverter, and a resonance type inverter;

According to the transformation method, it can be divided into power frequency conversion and high frequency conversion.

According to the output waveform of the inverter, the inverter can be further divided into a square wave inverter, a staircase wave inverter and a sine wave inverter. Figure 4-44 shows the inverter characteristics for the three output waveforms.

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The AC voltage waveform output by the square wave inverter is a square wave, as shown in Figure 444(a). Although the inverters used in this inverter are not identical, the common feature is that the lines are relatively simple and the number of power switches used is small. The design power is typically between one hundred watts and one kilowatt. The advantage of the square wave inverter is that the circuit is simple, the price is cheap, and the maintenance is convenient; the disadvantage is that because the square wave voltage contains a large number of high harmonics, additional losses will be generated in the load electric appliance with the iron core inductor or the transformer, on the radio Interference with certain communication devices.

In addition, this kind of inverter has the disadvantages that the voltage regulation range is not wide enough and the noise is relatively large. The AC voltage waveform output by the staircase wave inverter is a staircase wave, as shown in Figure 444(b). This type of inverter can realize step wave output with a variety of different lines, and the number of steps of the output waveform is also very different. The advantage of the step wave inverter is that the output waveform is significantly improved compared with the square wave, and the high harmonic content is reduced. When the step reaches more than 17, the output waveform can realize the quasi-sine wave; when the transformerless output is used, the whole machine is very efficient. . The disadvantage is that the ladder wave superimposing circuit uses more power switching tubes, and some of the circuit forms also require multiple sets of DC power input, which brings trouble to the grouping and wiring of the solar cell array and the balanced charging of the battery; The staircase voltage still has some high-frequency interference on the radio and some communication devices. The sine wave inverter output is a sine wave, as shown in Figure 444(c).

The advantage of the sine wave inverter is that the output waveform is good, the distortion is very low, the interference to the radio and communication equipment is small, and the noise is low; in addition, the protection function is complete and the whole machine has high efficiency. The disadvantage is that the line is relatively complicated, the maintenance technology is high, and the price is relatively expensive. The classification of the above three types of inverters is beneficial for the PV system designers and users to identify and select the inverter. In fact, the waveforms have the same inverter. The device still differs greatly in terms of line principle, device usage, and control methods.

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