Small Knowledge of Solar Lamp Manufacturers: Charging and Discharging of Solar Spotlight
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Guide: When using outdoor solar lights, what we are most concerned about is whether the solar floodlights are charging or not, and the light-controlled solar floodlights are bright. In fact, there are controllers that specifically control charging and discharging in outdoor solar floodlights.

The charge and discharge controller is a device with overcharge and overdischarge of an energy storage battery pack that automatically prevents solar floodlights, and is one of the core components of a photovoltaic power generation system. When outdoor solar floodlights are used, they are generally generated during the daytime, and the working conditions of power supply at night depend on the storage and regulation of electrical energy.

Ideally, we hope that the solar cell array will maximize the power and charge the battery every day during the day, and at night it can be fully utilized (including system losses) to achieve a complete balance of charge and discharge. The system also achieves maximum utilization efficiency.

However, in actual use, due to various factors such as climatic conditions and conditions of use, the above ideal situation cannot be realized. Therefore, a solar powered projector must also have a controller to control the battery charge condition and monitor it. And the charge and discharge process is controlled to achieve the balance between the power supply and the power supply, the most important of which is to achieve the balance of charge and discharge of the battery under certain allowable working conditions.

The power of solar floodlights is relatively small, and the cost control requirements are generally not too complicated to design, but a properly designed controller should have basic status indication and control functions for charging and discharging the battery, and should also have appropriate The control parameters, the necessary protection functions, the minimum self-consumption power, and the temperature compensation function of the battery when necessary. The basic function of the controller for solar floodlights should be its display function, and the controller should be able to indicate the system. Current working conditions, such as charging, normal, over-discharge, over-charge, etc.

Many of the early solar floodlights in China were not equipped with special controllers, but also equipped with a dial with a black zone (indicating overdischarge), a green zone (representing normal voltage) and a red zone (representing overcharge). To indicate the state of charge of the battery, the user seeks to balance by manually adjusting the time of charging and powering according to the state of its display.

According to the requirements of current technical standards, the charge and discharge control of photovoltaic systems above 10Wp has been completed by electronic circuits, and the display is also replaced by LEDs or LCD screens. However, many companies also retain pointer voltmeters on some models. The design of the ammeter to meet the habits of some users.

The main function of the controller is to share the output voltage and current, which can play an important role in managing the energy of the photovoltaic system, protecting the battery and the normal operation of the entire photovoltaic system.

The most important role of the controller is to prevent overcharging and overdischarging of the battery. Since the investment in the battery accounts for a large proportion of the system cost, the overcharging and over-discharging of the battery will greatly shorten the service life of the battery.

In order to maximize the battery life and ensure that the photovoltaic system can work reliably for a long time, it is necessary to control the charge and discharge of the battery. As the capacity of photovoltaic power generation systems continues to increase, designers and users are increasingly demanding the operational status of the system and the rationality of the operation mode, and the safety of the system is more prominent and important.

Therefore, in recent years, designers have given the controller more protection and monitoring functions, enabling the early battery charging controller to develop into today's more complex system controllers.

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In addition, the controller has also been greatly developed and improved in terms of control principles and components used. At present, advanced system controllers have used microprocessors to implement software programming and intelligent control. The controller can be a stand-alone device or an integrated machine with the inverter. Figure 4-37 shows several charge controllers.

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