Characteristics of Household Solar Energy
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Guide: New energy solar energy has replaced traditional power generation for many years, from the beginning of solar water heaters to the now-known solar floodlights, and even some people have home solar systems. The energy-saving and environmentally-friendly nature of solar energy makes it an inaccessible source of energy on the road to technological development. Then let's talk about the characteristics of home solar energy. For detailed product purchase, please contact online customer service.

    According to the definitions given in the national standard GB/T19064-2003 "Technical conditions and test methods for domestic solar photovoltaic power systems", the domestic solar photovoltaic power system (including wind and solar hybrid power system) refers to the off-grid type. Photovoltaic power system consists of solar cell array, battery pack, controller, DC/AC inverter, circuit protection and electrical appliances. The wind and solar hybrid power system also includes controllers and other components for wind turbines and wind turbines. In fact, home solar photovoltaic power systems refer to households and small units that mainly supply electricity and electricity, and small mobile workplaces. Off-grid independent photovoltaic power generation system, in the industry and in the market, is also known as "solar lighting", "solar power supply", "solar home power", "portable photovoltaic power", "solar household system", etc. .

    Foreign data is generally called solar home sys-tem. In some developed countries, due to the relatively high power-on rate of conventional energy sources, households have higher levels of electricity consumption. Small portable photovoltaic systems are mainly prepared for mobile workplaces. In developing countries, despite the large number of non-electric households, there is a large market demand. However, due to the high price of photovoltaic power generation systems and high power generation costs, the promotion of photovoltaic systems into the home has experienced a long period of time. At the stage, even now, there are still major difficulties. In developed countries, even if a solar independent system is used to supply power to the home, it is generally designed and installed according to the user's electricity demand.

    Generally, a single unit is in the hundreds of watts or kilowatts. For the so-called "roof plan", although the photovoltaic system is dispersedly installed in residential households, it is basically grid-connected power generation, and each roof installation is generally around 3~5kW.

    Therefore, the domestic solar photovoltaic power system used in China and other developing countries generally refers to household lighting and domestic electricity, and a single 500Wp or less, including power generation, control, energy storage, and basic electrical appliances ( As a small power supply, the independent power supply system, such as special lamps, has fluidity in many applications. When used in herdsmen's homes, it can also be moved due to summer pastures, winter pastures or “rows and turns”. Seasonal and even changing the location of use frequently, so the current domestic solar photovoltaic power system developed by the company will pay more attention to the "portable" characteristics. For systems below 100Wp, try to adopt the "integrated" structure even for power. Larger systems must also divide the components of the system into two or three parts, which are relatively complete and independent, and the connections between them should be as "foolish" as possible. In this way, it is convenient for the user to reduce the workload of the on-site installation of the sales enterprise, and the connection error will not occur when the user moves the power supply device according to the general use condition, and the household solar photovoltaic power source is operated under the condition of non-fixed load. Many users are exposed to electricity for the first time. Therefore, there should be high requirements for the safety of the product. For photovoltaic systems with large inverters, attention should be paid to the user's cultural level and purchase. Conditions, the high compatibility and multi-purpose use of home solar photovoltaic power sources are generally welcomed by users. For example, the integrated recording and discharging function, CD function, clock and time control function, and remote control switch light function, which are integrated with the power box, are typical and successful designs.

According to the current conditions, all household solar photovoltaic power sources use lighting fixtures as part of the system at the factory as a standard configuration, because lighting is the first need of home solar photovoltaic power users, and the standard configuration of DC / AC Energy-saving lamps or LED lamps and user-purchased incandescent bulbs are several times different in power consumption. Since the cost of solar power generation is much higher than conventional energy sources, although it is not possible to bring the photovoltaic power source to a fixed load operating condition, at least a reasonable load recommendation should be given in the user manual.

    Different from the larger photovoltaic system, the domestic solar photovoltaic power supply realizes the commercialized sales of assembled industrial production, which requires the product to be diversified and serialized, so that the user has a choice. It is worth noting that due to differences in solar resource conditions across regions, the same type of PV power system may be sold to different regions. For example, the same product used in Guizhou and used in Tibet may generate electricity. The difference is doubled.

    In addition, since there are energy storage batteries inside the photovoltaic power system, and the batteries have self-discharge and other losses, some batteries cannot be inverted, which makes the photovoltaic power system have special requirements in storage, transportation, sales time and other aspects. There are also different requirements for the initial use of a photovoltaic power system. All of the above need to be paid special attention. Because the home solar photovoltaic power system is installed in remote areas with inconvenient transportation, the use conditions are complex, the weather conditions are bad, and the special conditions of product maintenance are difficult, the reliability of the household solar photovoltaic power system products has higher requirements than the general products.

    Therefore, we should pay full attention to the quality of the products, and at the same time, we must fully consider the applicability of the use in the product design, and leave a reasonable design margin to make it compatible, and pay attention to the radiation conditions of the possible use areas. Pay full attention to possible temperature conditions and altitude. At the same time, we should pay full attention to the mechanical strength and vibration resistance of photovoltaic power products.

    In the case of product quality assurance, the use of solar energy products is very economical, environmentally friendly, and not lacking in technology. Nuusolar is the most affordable home solar product for you.

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