Principle of Outdoor Solar Lamp
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Introduction: Solar products have been popularized in China for some time, and many people are curious. How is sunlight converted into electrical energy? How does a solar-powered spotlight turn light into electricity and turn it into light? This article is to tell you how light is converted into electricity, and the characteristics of photovoltaic cells used in solar floodlights.

     In 1839, the French physicist AE Becquerel unexpectedly discovered during the experiment that a voltaic battery consisting of two pieces of metal immersed in the solution produced an additional voltaic electromotive force when exposed to light. The phenomenon is called "photovoltaic effect", referred to as "photovoltaic effect". In 1883, the American inventor Charles Fritts discovered a solid voltaic effect at the junction of semiconductor selenium and metal. Since then, devices that can produce a photovoltaic effect have been referred to as "photovoltaic devices."

     Semiconductor pn junction devices have the highest photoelectric conversion efficiency under sunlight. Usually, such photovoltaic devices are called "solar cells" (Solar cel) in 1954, and Charbin et al. made the first A practical monocrystalline silicon solar cell with a photoelectric conversion efficiency of 6% has created a new era of solar cell research.

     China began research on solar cells in 1958. The core component of a photovoltaic system is a solar module that converts the sun's light energy directly into electrical energy. The current generated by the solar cell is direct current, which can be directly applied in the form of direct current, or it can be converted into alternating current by an inverter for application.

     From another point of view, the electrical energy generated by the photovoltaic system can be used immediately, or the energy storage device such as a battery can be used to store the electrical energy and be released at any time as needed.

Features of solar photovoltaic cells:

     (1) Solar energy resources are inexhaustible, and the solar energy that is inexhaustible to the earth is 6000 times larger than the energy currently consumed by human beings. In addition, according to the nuclear energy generated by the sun, the sun will shine more than 60 billion years on Earth.

     (2) Green photovoltaic power generation itself does not require fuel, no CO2 emissions, no pollution of air, no noise.

     (3) Wide application range Photovoltaic power generation system can be used as long as there is light, it is not limited by geographical and altitude factors.

     (4) No mechanical rotating parts, simple operation and maintenance, stable and reliable operation. A photovoltaic power generation system will generate electricity as long as there is a sun, and now it adopts automatic control technology, basically no manual operation.

     (5) The service life of crystalline silicon solar cells can be as long as 20 to 35 years. In the photovoltaic power generation system, the battery life can be as long as 10 years as long as the design is reasonable and the selection is appropriate.

     (6) The solar cell module has a simple structure, small volume and light weight, is convenient for transportation and installation, and has a short construction period of the photovoltaic power generation system.

     (7) System combination It is easy to combine several solar cell modules and battery cells into a solar cell array and battery pack of the system; the inverter and the controller can also be integrated. Therefore, the photovoltaic power generation system can be large or small, and it is easy to combine and expand.

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