In which areas does solar floodlights work the most?
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Introduction: The energy absorbed by solar lamps such as solar floodlights comes from solar radiation. This article is about the laws of solar radiation in science. Which areas of China have large solar radiation, which is more suitable for solar garden lights.

What is the law of solar radiation?

    The orbit of the earth orbiting the sun is elliptical. Due to the change of distance, the amount of solar radiation received in summer and winter is different, but it is only about 6% outside the atmosphere. The difference is not very large. The radiation intensity of the sun outside the atmosphere can be considered. It is unchanged. But it is different on the ground and the difference is great. The reason is that in addition to the earth's orbit around the sun, the Earth's rotation climatic conditions and atmospheric composition can affect the amount of solar energy radiated to the Earth's surface. Therefore, the amount of solar energy received by the ground is different. of.

    In the upper boundary of the Earth's atmosphere, the total amount of daily radiation is the largest in the northern hemisphere summer solstice, and the distribution from the polar to the equator is relatively uniform. In the winter solstice, the total amount of daily radiation in the northern hemisphere is the smallest, the polar circle is zero, and the difference between the north and the south is the largest. In the southern hemisphere, the situation is opposite: in the spring and autumn, the distribution of the total daily radiation is proportional to the cosine of the latitude; in the area between the south and the northern tropics, the total amount of daily radiation is the largest in two years, and the annual change is small. The higher the latitude, the greater the change in total solar radiation.

    The global annual total amount of radiation reaching the surface is basically banded and only destroyed at low latitudes. In the equatorial region, the total annual radiation is not the highest due to the cloudy weather. In the subtropical high-pressure belts of the southern and northern hemispheres, especially in the desert areas of the mainland, the annual total amount of radiation is large, and the maximum is in northeastern Africa.

Which areas of China have large solar radiation?

    Usually, the amount of solar energy is expressed in terms of the total amount of solar radiation throughout the year and the total number of hours of sunshine throughout the year. China's solar energy resources are very rich, and the total solar radiation in 2/3 regions is greater than 5024MJ/m^2 per year, and the total annual sunshine hours are above 2000h, including total solar radiation in Tibet, Qinghai, Xinjiang, Gansu, Ningxia and Inner Mongolia. And the total number of years of sunshine in China ranks first in China. Except for the Sichuan Basin and its adjacent areas, most of China's solar energy resources are superior to or equivalent to those of the same latitude abroad, which is superior to Europe and Japan.

    According to the total amount of solar radiation, China can be divided into four types of regions.

(1) Category 1: greater than 6700MJ/m^2

(2) Class II: 5400~6700MJ/m^2

(3) Class III: 4200~5400MU/m^2

(4) Class IV: less than 4200 MJ/m^2.

    The first three categories account for 76% of China's land area. The low-value center is 3340MJ/m in the southwest of Sichuan and northern Guizhou. The highest value is in southern Tibet. Since the Himalayas block the water vapor in the Indian Ocean, the annual total solar radiation on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is as high as 9200 MJ/m^2. The time is 3200~3300h, which is the best solar energy resource in China and the most abundant solar energy resource in the world.

    Qingzang is the most suitable area for solar energy products such as solar lights. Solar floodlights such as solar garden lights in this area are still very practical. Other regions do not mean that they are not suitable for use.

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