How does solar garden light transform solar energy?
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Introduction: This article specifically how solar cells in the solar garden lights convert solar energy into electricity. And the corresponding transformation method science.

There are several ways to convert solar energy. How many ways can solar power be generated?

    The conversion of solar energy is mainly divided into photochemical conversion, solar thermal conversion and solar photovoltaic conversion (solar photovoltaic power generation).

    Broadly speaking, wind, water and fossil fuels come from solar energy.

    The most common solar photochemical conversion is the photosynthesis of plants. Under the action of plant chlorophyll, carbon dioxide and water react chemically under the light to produce carbohydrates and oxygen, so that plants can develop and grow. The growth and development of animals is also done under the illumination of sunlight, and is also achieved by the photochemical conversion of solar energy. Fossil fuels, especially coal and oil, are formed by a series of chemical reactions in animal carcasses or plant dead bodies. These chemical reactions are also carried out under the action of light.

    The formation of wind and water energy is related to solar thermal conversion. Wind energy is due to the uneven solar energy obtained from all over the earth. The temperature of the atmosphere varies, so that convective heat transfer occurs between the atmosphere, causing the atmosphere to flow and forming wind; water energy is the heat of solar energy in the ocean, river, river and lake. The water evaporates into water vapor, then floats to the earth with the wind, climbs up to the mountains and highlands, and then condenses into rain and snow, and accumulates in the mountains or plateaus to form water resources. There are many examples of solar thermal conversion in life, such as solar cookers (furnaces), solar dryers, solar water heaters, solar evaporators, solar heaters, solar water pumps and solar freezers that are familiar and widely used. Solar water pumps and solar chillers convert solar thermal energy into mechanical energy to pump water or drive refrigeration. Others use solar energy directly to cook rice, heat water and winter heating, or achieve liquid evaporation or matter. dry.

    Solar photovoltaic conversion refers to the use of solar photovoltaic cells to convert solar energy into electrical energy, which is the most common solar photovoltaic power generation. It can be used for power supply in remote areas such as islands, mountains, grasslands and deserts; it can also be used as a power source for instruments such as watches, calculators, solar cars and satellites; it can also be used for lighthouses, microwave stations, railway signals, television signals, Field management stations and other field work stations provide power, and solar power stations can be built to achieve grid-connected power generation.

    In fact, the way of solar power generation is not just a kind of photovoltaic power generation, but also a kind of thermal power generation. Solar thermal power is the first conversion of solar energy into heat, the use of heat to turn the liquid in the boiler into steam, and then use steam to drive the turbine to generate electricity. The said solar thermal power generation is basically the same as the traditional thermal power generation, except that the heat source is somewhat different. The heat energy of the conventional thermal power generation is derived from coal and the heat energy of the solar thermal power generation is derived from solar energy.

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