Underwater Solar Lawn Light
  • Underwater Solar Lawn Light

Underwater Solar Lawn Light

Lawn lights are installed on the ground, so they are inevitably soaked in the water on rainy days. This is a test of the waterproof performance of the lamp, this product protection grade IP66, compared with other solar lamps on the market, more waterproof and durable.

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Underwater Solar Lawn Light

Underwater Solar Lawn Light

Principle of transition

From the perspective of the free electron wavenumber and the state of the semiconductor electronic, free electrons can be regarded as planes. Generally speaking, the wave is determined by the wavelength. In the world of semiconductors, we are more accustomed to using the reciprocal of the wavelength and the 2x convolution relative to the wavelength. This value is called the wavenumber.

The wavelength is 1/2 nm, = 125 x 10 m. Therefore, the shorter the wavelength, the larger the number of waves included in the unit length, and the larger the wave number; the longer the wavelength, the smaller the wave number is.

What is the kinetic energy of free electrons?

If the mass is m and the velocity is moving, if the momentum = m is changed, then E = 2m.

The energy distribution curve is a quadratic function of the wave number k.

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