rechargeable led flood light

This product is a solar lamp. It can be charged by solar energy. It is equipped with solar panels. It also has charging wires that can be charged by household power supply. For more details and discounts, please consult customer service.

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rechargeable led flood light

rechargeable led flood lightrechargeable led flood light

Solar energy knowledge of rechargeable led floodlights

Semiconductor diodes have various optical devices that are not available in vacuum diodes and that utilize diode light characteristics. Photodiodes fabricated by the phenomenon of photovoltaic generation by photovoltaic generation are widely used in optical fiber communication optical detectors and automatic door sensors.

In addition, image sensors manufactured by photodiode integration have been widely used in digital cameras and camcorders, rechargeable led floodlights, and the like. Therefore, it can be said that the solar cell is also a similar product of the photodiode. Electroluminescence occurs when current flows through the diode in the positive direction. A light-emitting device made using this phenomenon is called a light-emitting diode (LED), and since it consumes low energy, it can be used as a long-life light source, and is applied to a bulb and a signal lamp.

By slightly processing the structure of the light-emitting diode, a laser can be obtained, which is applied to the light source of the optical fiber communication and the optical disk.

1. Diode has rectification characteristics, photoelectric effect characteristics and electroluminescence characteristics

2. Solar cells, light sensors, and image sensors all use photovoltaics

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