led motion sensor floodlights

High-brightness LED lamp is used.Manual button + light control induction + human body induction highlight.New die-cast aluminium lamp housing.For more discount prices, please contact customer service.

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led motion sensor floodlights

led motion sensor floodlights

Use high-brightness LED lights. Manual button + light control induction + human body induction highlighting. New die-cast aluminum lamp housing. For more preferential prices, please contact customer service.

LED motion sensor floodlight - solar knowledge:

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Energy recovery period is less than 2 years

The so-called energy recovery period refers to the time required to recover the energy consumed in manufacturing solar cells by solar power generation. The energy recovery period is calculated using the energy consumed in all the mechanical manufacturing processes required to make up the system and the ratio of the annual power generation in the system. The energy required in the manufacturing process will gradually decrease as the manufacturing technology improves and the scale of the system increases. The latter will increase due to the improvement of solar cell conversion efficiency and system utilization rate, and the recovery time of solar power generation on the technically-removed road will be shortened year by year.

It takes one and a half years to use polycrystalline spit and 11 months with CIGS. Since solar cells have a 30-year lifespan, energy recovery is completely feasible.

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