Led Roadway Lighting

When night falls, street lights are always needed in the lanes to ensure pedestrian safety. This solar lamp product has light-controlled induction, automatically lights up when it is dark, and does not light during the day. Absorbing solar energy to supplement electricity and saving electricity costs.

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Led Roadway Lighting

Led Roadway LightingLed Roadway Lighting

N-type semiconductor and donor level

Doped Semiconductors Because intrinsic semiconductors do not transport electron carriers at room temperature, semiconductor devices cannot be fabricated. Thus, a substance having a different valence is used to replace an atom constituting a semiconductor, and a carrier is introduced. Such a semiconductor is called a doped semiconductor.

The n-type semiconductor and the donor level are in a doped semiconductor, and the substance that uses electrons as a main carrier is referred to as an n-type semiconductor. In the n-type silicon semiconductor, as shown in the field 1a, impurities of Group V (P, arsenic, etc.) are added. When a silicon atom is replaced with a group V atom, there is one more electron than silicon, so there appears to be a positive charge at that position.

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