Ip65 Led Street Light

Choose led lamp, high brightness, low light decayIp65 protection grade, waterproof and durableSolar energy saving and power saving

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Ip65 Led Street Light

Ip65 Led Street Light

Ip65 Led Street LightIp65 Led Street LightIp65 Led Street Light
Ip65 Led Street LightIp65 Led Street Light

Ip65 led street light solar battery knowledge:

Dioxide is a semiconductor material that acts as a photocatalyst. Because its band gap is 3.0 ~ 3.2eV. Therefore, it is almost impossible to absorb visible light and is colorless and transparent, so that it cannot be used to make solar cells. Therefore, dye molecules are adsorbed on the surface of the ceria, the dye absorbs visible light, and the generated electrons and holes are used to generate electricity. It is a dye-sensitized solar cell.

The structure of the dye-sensitized solar cell invented by Gralzel of Ruitu in 1991. In the solution, the titanium dioxide fine particles fixed on the transparent electrode absorb the dye molecules as a negative electrode, and platinum (Pt) serves as a positive electrode. After being exposed to light, the electrons of the dye molecule carry a light-absorbing energy into the conduction band of titanium dioxide, while the iodide ions supply electrons to the dye atoms to become a simple substance. The atoms that are taken from the counter electrode are reduced and returned to the iodide ion. Therefore, the pin serves as a positive electrode and the iron oxide serves as a negative electrode, and an electric current is generated between the two electrodes.

This is the principle of power generation of dye-sensitized solar cells.

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