Led Solar Light Waterproof Ip65

L-600G is a high quality representative product, waterproof, windproof, protection level IP65. The product attributes are as follows. Please contact the customer to get the lowest price of the factory.

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Led Solar Light Waterproof Ip65

Led Solar Light Waterproof Ip65Led Solar Light Waterproof Ip65

LED solar light waterproof Ip65 solar knowledge

A solar battery is a type of diode, and the origin of the diode is a vacuum diode. The diode originally refers to a vacuum diode. Surprisingly, the patent for this diode is actually Einstein. In the diode, when the potential of the plate (anode) is higher than that of the cathode, electrons emitted from the cathode in the direct air reach the anode to form an electric current, and when the anode potential is lower than the cathode, no current can be formed. With this feature, the vacuum diode is applied to an AC-to-DC rectifier and a wireless communication detector.

In the middle of the 20th century, a semiconductor (pn junction device) having the same rectifying characteristics as a vacuum diode was invented and named as a diode. The diode has the rectification characteristics shown in Figure 2, so vacuum diodes are no longer used in rectifiers and detectors.

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