High Quality 40w Ip65 Solar Street Light

Some of the most important qualities of street lamps: bright enough, durable, rainproof and windproof. This product fits perfectly. It is a high quality 40W IP65 solar street lamp. It can be used in most scenarios. For other wattage requirements, please contact customer service.

Product Details

High Quality 40w Ip65 Solar Street Light

High Quality 40w Ip65 Solar Street LightHigh Quality 40w Ip65 Solar Street Light

Silicon has a metallic luster, and the reflected light is strong after being irradiated with light, which hinders sunlight from entering the silicon resistive surface, which will lower the conversion efficiency of the solar cell. Therefore, we use coatings as a means of preventing reflections.

So how exactly is the metallic luster produced? Just as the mirror after grinding has good reflection performance, there are many free electrons in the metal. Due to the electric field component of light (electromagnetic wave), the collective vibration of the electrons is generated, and the electric field and the counter electrode are generated, and the light cannot enter the inside. It is the reason for high reflectivity.

Not metal. There are almost no free electrons. but. Why is it still metallic? Let me talk about the conclusion. The large refractive index is the reason why silicon has high reflectivity.

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