Ce Certified Outdoor Solar Street Light

All products of Longxing Industry are CE certified safety qualified products.Protection grade IP65, waterproof and lightning-resistant, long service lifeZero Electricity Charge and Zero Wiring for Solar Energy

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Ce Certified Outdoor Solar Street Light

Ce Certified Outdoor Solar Street LightCe Certified Outdoor Solar Street Light

Ce certified outdoor solar street light knowledge: the concept of hydrogenated amorphous silicon film

Both the body silicon and the non-product silicon have four bonding bonds (herein referred to as four coordination sites). However, the structure of crystalline silicon is that the atoms in the unit cell (the structure of the diamond) are repeatedly arranged periodically and have a long distance regularity (long-range order). In non-product silicon, because of the different length and angle of the bond, there is no long-range order, and there is no guarantee of 4 coordination, but only 3 coordination. The dotted line portion of b has no atoms, and the remaining electron is in a free state, which is called a dangling bond. If a dangling bond is present, the donor and acceptor are not formed even if impurities are incorporated. SiH, hydrogenated amorphous silicon produced by the discharge method, most of the dangling bonds lose their force due to the combination with hydrogen, and the doped impurities act as a donor and an acceptor to form a usable device.

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