30w led flood light

Household courtyard floodlights, public park floodlights and so on, this product can be competent, this is a solar LED floodlights, so it has the characteristics of saving electricity costs and simple installation.

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30w led flood light

30w led flood light30w led flood light

30w led floodlight related knowledge:

In the low temperature region of the solar cell, electrons are released from the donor level into the conduction band, so the exponential function exp(-EkT) is used to represent the temperature change. E represents the beam energy of the donor level. The donor who lost the electron is positively charged, so this area is also called the ionized area.

In the mid-temperature region, the donor loses all of the electrons and does not provide more electrons for the conduction band. The electron density disappears with temperature. This area is called the saturated area. When the surface and the N-N reach a high impurity concentration of 10 cm 2 , the region and the region disappear.

In the high temperature region, the electrons in the valence band and the electrons captured by the acceptor are excited to the conduction band.

Like the intrinsic semiconductor, it has a temperature relationship of the exponential function exP(-EkT). This area is called the intrinsic area.

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