Solar courtyard lamp batteries need to be durable in this way
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Guide: Use batteries, computers, mobile phones, clocks, home appliances, etc. everywhere in life. For solar products, batteries are an important component. Due to the characteristics of solar energy products such as solar garden lights, there are more special requirements for batteries.

    Due to the particularity of the operation of the solar photovoltaic system, the working characteristic of the storage battery is that it is frequently in the repeated cycle of charging-discharging, and unfavorable working conditions such as overcharging or deep discharging often occur. Therefore, the performance and cycle life of the battery have become the most concerned issues. Under the current state of the art, among the main components of the photovoltaic system, the battery has the shortest theoretical life. Therefore, whether it is a special R & D production or the selection of batteries, should be based on the characteristics of the battery operating characteristics of the photovoltaic system.

    The battery used in the solar photovoltaic system should have the following characteristics: 1 with deep cycle discharge performance; 2 long cycle life; 3 strong resistance to overcharge and overdischarge; 4 with no maintenance or less maintenance; 5 at low temperature Good charging and discharging characteristics; 6 charging and discharging characteristics are not sensitive to high temperature; 7 has high energy efficiency; 8 does not require initial charging operation; 9 has high performance-price ratio; 10 has high quality and volume specific energy.

    At present, the storage battery used in energy storage in solar photovoltaic systems has not yet received sufficient attention in China, and is not suitable for storage battery products. The newly developed energy storage lead-acid batteries have few varieties and are not mature enough to be widely used in photovoltaic systems.

    In the 1980s, sealed lead-acid batteries were used in solar photovoltaic systems abroad. In recent years, domestic household photovoltaic power sources mainly use sealed lead-acid batteries, which have many advantages, such as no special maintenance, even dumping. The electrolyte does not overflow, does not discharge hydrogen and acid mist into the air, and has better safety performance. The sealed package is suitable for long-distance transportation and mobile use. However, its shortcoming is mainly sensitive to the overcharging of the battery, so the overcharge protection is required to be high; when the battery is repeatedly overcharged for a long time, the battery plate is easily deformed.

    The batteries used in solar lighting products such as solar garden lights are now very good. But the new battery is still suitable to meet the above conditions. Nuusolar produces high quality solar lighting products.

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