Outdoor Solar Lamp Battery Types
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Introduction: The advantage of outdoor solar lights lies in the word solar. Solar energy, solar energy is converted into electrical energy, and then stored in the battery, and then discharged to the battery when the time is needed. This makes it possible to know the importance of batteries, and the variety of batteries used in solar photovoltaic systems, let us understand them one by one.

    There are many types of batteries, and lead-acid batteries and alkaline nickel-cadmium batteries are used in solar photovoltaic systems. The storage batteries are classified into two categories according to the type of the electrolyte, the storage battery with the acidic aqueous solution as the electrolyte is the acidic storage battery, and the storage battery with the alkaline aqueous solution as the electrolyte is the alkaline storage battery.

   Since the electrode of the acid battery is mainly made of lead and lead oxide, it is also called a lead-acid battery. The batteries can be divided into fixed and mobile by way of use, while the batteries used in solar photovoltaic systems are fixed.

   At present, the batteries used in solar photovoltaic systems mainly include lead-acid batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, nickel-hydrogen batteries, and lithium batteries. The lead-acid battery has the advantages of reliable performance and low price; the nickel-cadmium battery has small self-discharge loss and strong resistance to overcharge and discharge, but the price is relatively expensive. Considering the conditions and price of the battery, most solar photovoltaic systems use lead-acid batteries as the energy storage source, and use lead-acid batteries that do not require water-free maintenance.

   Some large independent photovoltaic power generation systems now use liquid batteries as the energy storage source for the system. With the development of energy storage technology, methods such as superconducting energy storage, supercapacitor energy storage, and fuel cell energy storage have been produced.

   These new energy storage methods are constantly appearing in solar photovoltaic power generation systems, but domestic solar photovoltaic power sources mostly use valve-regulated sealed lead-acid batteries, colloidal lead-acid batteries and maintenance-free batteries as storage power sources, because the battery casings are special. Sealant bonding, terminal poles use sealant and multi-layer seal anti-leakage technology, so that the battery does not have acid leakage during use, to ensure that the battery seal is leak-free.

   This type of battery does not require the addition of acid, water density, and internal maintenance throughout its use. Figure 4-33 shows the appearance of several different types of batteries.


    Different solar products do not use the same type of battery. For example, the battery used in outdoor solar floodlights is quite different from the battery in home solar photovoltaic systems. Only when you choose the scene and the weather conditions you may encounter, the battery can be durable and practical. Nuusolar gives the best advice for the use of the scene, if you have any questions, please contact the online customer service.

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