Principle of Solar Lamp Battery
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Guide: Everyone is outside the user's solar lights, but do you know the principle of solar floodlights? The solar cell is divided into a solar panel and a battery. The solar panel converts the light into electricity and stores it in the battery for use at night. A solar cell is a semiconductor device that directly converts light energy into electrical energy. Although there are many forms, the basic principle is generally the same.

    Figure 3-7 shows the schematic diagram of the photovoltaic effect, the core of which is the pn junction. When the incident illumination is on the battery, photons with energy greater than the silicon forbidden band pass through the anti-reflection film into the silicon, and electron-hole pairs (photogenerated carriers) are excited in the n-region, the depletion region, and the p-region.


    In the n region, after the photogenerated electron hole pairs are generated, the photogenerated holes diffuse to the pn junction boundary and reach the pn junction boundary. Under the action of the self-built electric field, the electric field force is pulled to make the drift motion, and the depletion region is crossed into the p region. Photogenerated electrons were left in the n zone. The photogenerated electrons in the P region are also diffused by the first cause, and then drift into the n region due to drift, and the photogenerated holes remain in the p region. The accumulation of photo-generated carriers on both sides of the pn junction forms an electromotive force, which is a "photo-generated voltage", which is the "photovoltaic effect".

    When the battery is connected to a load, the photocurrent flows from the p region to the n region through the load, and the power output is obtained in the load.

    The actual solar projector will connect one end of the load to the battery and store the energy. Until the night or when the switch is turned on. The battery discharge lights up. This is the specific principle and usage of the solar floodlights we purchased. Have other questions, welcome to consult online customer service, Nuusolar provides you with high quality solar lighting products.

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