The Secret of the Most Practical Solar Spotlight
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Guide: Seeing a thing, we will all care about the fact that it is not practical, practical products for household use. Solar floodlights have entered the field of vision with new energy, environmental protection, power saving and other labels. What kind of solar floodlights are practical? The answer is to use solar-based solar-powered solar-powered solar cells as the main material. Why is this? This article tells you!

    Solar photovoltaic cells are made of semiconductors. There are many types of semiconductors. Why are there only silicon solar photovoltaic cells?

    Silicon was not the first material used to make semiconductor devices. The earliest was 锗. In 1947, Bardeen, Brattain, and Shockley used helium to make the world's first transistor. However, since the early 1960s, cockroaches have quickly been replaced by silicon.

    The reason why silicon has become the dominant material is because silicon has the following advantages.

    (1) Silicon is very susceptible to oxidation and forms a high quality silicon dioxide (SiO2) insulating layer, which is an excellent barrier to selective diffusion processes for IC fabrication.

    (2) The forbidden band width of silicon is larger than that of 锗, which means that the silicon device has a larger operating temperature range than the corresponding germanium device.

    (3) Silicon resources are abundant, and the stock is extremely large in nature, and the price is low. Because silicon has these advantages, solar photovoltaic cells are mostly made of silicon.

    The characteristics of the above silicon make silicon the primary consideration for solar photovoltaic cell materials, and silicon has some characteristics that make solar photovoltaic cells more practical. This makes all practical solar floodlights on the market almost silicon-based. Nuusolar's solar panel conversion rate is even higher! Solar floodlights are more practical. Interested in contacting the online customer service?

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