The history of the development of solar light batteries
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    Introduction: The current popularity of solar lights is very high. When did the solar light battery be invented? This article will give you a history of the development of popular science solar light batteries.

When was the solar light photovoltaic cell invented? What is its development history?

    The history of solar power generation dates back to 1800, when Becquerel discovered that when a certain semiconductor material is illuminated, it causes a change in its volt-ampere characteristics. Eventually, the photovoltaic effect was discovered and a solar photovoltaic cell was fabricated from this semiconductor.

   In 1954, three scientists, such as Pilsson and Folang from Bell Labs in the United States, used silicon crystal materials to develop solar photovoltaic cells with good performance. The conversion efficiency reached 6%. After continuous improvement, it became the current silicon solar photovoltaic cell. Solar photovoltaic cells were introduced in 1958. At that time, the former Soviet Union launched a satellite, and the United States also launched an artificial satellite. In the space field, fierce competition began. The satellites launched by the former Soviet Union used atomic energy batteries. The pioneers of the United States launched the No. 1 communication satellite using solar photovoltaic cells. The price of solar photovoltaic cells is extremely high (up to 1,500 US dollars / W), and the performance is still unstable. Therefore, it is only used in spacecraft.
Development of solar light batteries

    It was only slowly stabilized in the early 1960s, and it was used extensively on spacecraft in the 1970s. In 1876, British scientist Adams and others discovered the photovoltaic effect of selenium when studying semiconductor materials.

    There are two main reasons for this: one is the development of semiconductor integrated circuits, which makes the power consumption of electronic products drop drastically. Under indoor lighting, solar photovoltaic cells can also generate electricity, which can fully make electronic products such as calculators work normally; Another reason is that the voltage necessary for the operation of electronic products can be obtained from a substrate, such a new integrated amorphous

    In 1884, American scientist Charles made a selenium solar photovoltaic cell, and its conversion efficiency was very low, only 1%. Then, research on semiconductor materials such as copper oxide has also found a photovoltaic effect, so a solar photovoltaic cell using a semiconductor material such as copper oxide as a raw material has also been produced.


Development of solar light batteries

    Although the performance of solar light power has been stable, but the price is very high, so in the early 1970s, solar photovoltaic cells have not been widely used, only for spacecraft, satellites, differential radio stations on the mountain, sea. Navigation light, and island light source, etc., some do not count the cost, the necessary place to be after 1973, driven by the oil crisis, solar photovoltaic cells entered a period of vigorous development, solar photovoltaic cells began to use on the ground, and the ground uses solar photovoltaic The number of batteries quickly exceeds the amount used on spacecraft.

    Solar photovoltaic cells can be manufactured cheaply. After the practical use of solar photovoltaic cell calculators, starting from watches, the solar photovoltaic cells can be promoted in addition to the advantages of being able to directly generate electricity with a simple device. Application of various electronic crystals

    (1) There are no emissions and harmful substances that have adverse effects on the environment, and there is no noise.

    (2) It can generate electricity not only under too much light, but also can generate electricity under diffused light such as fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps.

    (3) can be directly connected to the DC machine

    (4) In the case of use, the power generation can be born earlier and I used the earlier country. In 1959, China first produced the first practical solar photovoltaic cell. In March 1971, the solar photovoltaic cell was first applied to China. The second artificial satellite). Then, in 1973, solar photovoltaic cells were used for buoys for the first time in the 1970s. China began to produce solar photovoltaic cells. In the mid-to-late 70s, the introduction of foreign key equipment and complete sets of production lines, China's solar photovoltaic cell production industry has further development. In the period, not only many new batteries appeared, but also because of the introduction of many new technologies, there have been very effective new technologies such as passivation technology, anti-reflection technology, suede technology, back surface field technology, heterojunction solar cell technology and concentrating batteries. Technology In 1976, Carlson of CA Company of the United States invented a non-product silicon solar photovoltaic cell. Although the conversion efficiency of the battery is low, single crystal silicon, but the voltage and current ratio can be arbitrarily selected in the manufacture of solar photovoltaic cells. It has been widely used, especially in civil appliances, such as solar calculators, solar watches and solar cell phone chargers.

    Until now, the solar-powered battery has been on the right track, and it will be smoother in the future. Because of the smooth development of the battery, solar garden lights such as solar floodlights have also taken this big wave and are booming. Nuusolar is also striving to provide better solar lighting products for everyone in this big wave.

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