Dubai International Solar Show
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Shenzhen Longxing Industrial Co., Ltd. participated in Dubai International Solar Energy Exhibition on October 23-25, 2017.

Dubai is the economic, trade, financial, transportation, tourism and shopping center in the Middle East and North Africa. In 2017, the PV market in Middle East and Africa is expected to grow from 3.7GW to 9GW. Saudi Arabia will become the third largest market in the region, with analysts pointing out that the country's renewable energy purchase program will be a boost and become a major market in the region by 2017. Saudi electricity demand in 2012 reached 40,000 MW, is expected to reach 120,000 MW by 2032. Saudi Arabia will reach 41,000 MW of solar energy and 17,600 MW of nuclear power to meet one-third of its electricity demand in 2032. Jordan plans to procure 200MW of solar and 200MW of wind energy by 2020 and aims to bring the country's share of renewable energy by 2020 The ratio increased from 1% to 10%.

Show achieved good results

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