10w Led Flood Light

The LED light source is stable and durable.Solar energy is environmentally friendly and energy-saving.Using aluminium die casting, better heat dissipation, more durable.Electricity display is more professional.

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10w Led Flood Light

10w Led Flood Light

10w Led Flood Light10w Led Flood Light10w Led Flood Light
10w Led Flood Light10w Led Flood Light

10wLed floodlight solar cells and small temperature science:

The relationship between the free electron density n of an important material in a solar cell and the temperature T(K) is

m=nexp (-e/2KT)

n and T have an exponential function change relationship. Here, as a constant, E is the size of the band gap, and k is the Boltzmann constant. Note: When the valence band electrons get thermal energy beyond the band gap E, they will be excited onto the conduction band.

The temperature rises by 250 ° C, and the number of electrons increases to 102 times.

During the temperature rise from 5S0K to room temperature (300K0), the carrier density increased by a factor of 10.

This graph, which is a reciprocal of the temperature, is called the Arrhenius plot. At this time, the specific value of the band gap can be obtained from the inclination. The conductivity is proportional to the product of the carrier density n and the carrier mobility μ.

The temperature change of the semiconductor conductivity changes exponentially with the emitter density. From this we know that when the temperature of the solar cell rises, the proportion of light converted into electricity is actually reduced, which especially tests the heat dissipation capacity of the solar panel.

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