Solar Power Pir Motion Sensor

The product is equipped with PIR motion sensor, which detects pedestrians passing by automatically brighten, making it convenient for traffic.

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Solar Power Pir Motion Sensor

Solar Power Pir Motion SensorSolar Power Pir Motion Sensor

Solar Pir motion sensor solar knowledge doubts.

1. Is the semiconductor carrier lighter than the free electron?

Since the vicinity of A and D is the shape of radiation, it should be expressed in the same function as the free electrons, but it is actually different from the radiation of free electrons. To express this difference, we replace the free electron mass with the effective mass m*, then the energy is expressed as E = hR2m. In the formula, the effective mass m is proportional to the reciprocal of the curvature of the dispersion curve E(k). Comparing the curve near A with the curve near D, we can see that the curve near D is very large, in other words, the curvature is large, so that the effective mass can be considered smaller.

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