rechargeable floodlight

This product is a solar lamp, mainly relying on solar panels for charging, energy saving and environmental protection. Charging wire can be used for direct charging.

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rechargeable floodlight

rechargeable floodlight

rechargeable floodlightrechargeable floodlightrechargeable floodlight
rechargeable floodlightrechargeable floodlight

Knowledge about solar lights such as rechargeable floodlights:

Determining conversion efficiency between bands

Theoretical limit of conversion efficiency

The maximum value of solar cell conversion efficiency (theoretical limit conversion efficiency) is determined by the size of the band gap. How is this theoretical limit conversion effect derived? A solar cell can be thought of as a power supply with a parallel diode and a short circuit current. As shown in the formula in Fig. 1, if the output voltage P of the load is maximized, the voltage V is proportional to the carrier density of the minority carrier, decreases as the band gap E decreases, and increases as V increases. Big.

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