led sensor floodlight

Motion Sensor: Sense that someone is passing by, automatically highlight, convenient for pedestrians to see the road conditionLight sensor: Induction of sunlight, charging when light is available, lighting when no light is available, avoiding manual daily switching on and off lights.

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led sensor floodlight

led sensor floodlightled sensor floodlight

Led sensor floodlights knowledge: -V compound semiconductor solar cells active in space

The main source of power for various satellites and space stations is solar cells. Unlike the ground, solar cells used in the universe need to increase power generation within a limited weight range, so high-efficiency solar cells are needed. Moreover, since it is irradiated with strong radiation in space, a material having good radiation resistance is required. A solar cell made of a Group IV compound semiconductor represented by GnAs (chemical name: arsenic sensation) exhibits excellent performance such as high conversion efficiency and low radiation damage, and is often used by satellites and space stations.

Although GuAs crystals and sea films are relatively expensive to manufacture, the conversion efficiency is preferred in the universe, so GaAs materials are still used. Light absorption is two orders of magnitude larger than silicon

IIV compound semiconductor solar cells have been developed with high conversion efficiency solar cells with a single junction of 25%, a multi-junction of 30%, and a concentrating type of over 40%.

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