12v waterproof spotlight

This product waterproof grade IP65, in the water is always bright. The special design of honeycomb spotlight makes it brighter.

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12v waterproof spotlight12v waterproof spotlight

12v waterproof spotlight - solar knowledge:

The focus of solar cell conversion efficiency is that the three directions of the quantum dot electron wave are not freely movable by the East, so the degree of freedom is the quantum level of the energy state without amplitude. The size of this quantum level can be adjusted according to the change in the size W of the quantum dot. Once the superstructure of the quantum dots is formed, a tiny energy band is generated, so the band gap is manually controllable.

After light irradiation, a number of small energy band gaps can be generated to absorb light in a wide wavelength range, which can improve the conversion efficiency of the solar cell. In theory, this efficiency is expected to exceed 60%, but the technical difficulty of evenly arranging quantum dots of the same size is very high, so there is still a long way to go to achieve high efficiency.

But now the efficiency is far more than 30 percent.

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